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Visual Artist + Designer

Antonia Tarbujaru is a visual artist and designer based in Vancouver, Canada. She holds a BFA in Visual Arts and a certificate in UX Design from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Her practice consists of embracing her strong roots in traditional art making methods and applying them to modern digital formats to preserve the charm and uniqueness of hand painted illustration while upholding the quality made possible by technology today. She is always learning and exploring new ways of doing so.
Antonia is currently an established arts educator, teaching kids aged 3-18 different skills and techniques within drawing and painting while fostering creativity in her classroom. She’s mastered adapting concepts for specific age groups, language proficiency levels, and personalities to most effectively communicate.

StudentAid BC Case Study

Taking out a loan can be a stressful, complicated process. This app supplements the site to ease worries and make information and applications easier to access and manage. View full prototype on Figma here.

My Work

Museum of Vancouver AR Case Study

Museums are a place of pause, contemplation and relaxation. But the serenity of the dim lighting poses an accessibility concern that this app aims to resolve. Click here to view the prototype in Figma.

Sundae Best - An Ice Cream App

Sundae Best is a UI study that came from exercising Antonia's illustration background by playing with colours, original characters, and motion graphics to create a fun user interface for ordering ice cream. Click here to view full prototype on Figma.

HIBAR Research Alliance Video

Commissioned by the HIBAR Research Alliance at UBC, Antonia translated complicated information into graphics that effectively introduce what HIBAR Research is in a short video format. - Website Design

A passion project where Antonia redesigned an artist's website with colours that promote accessibility and are more reflective of Marina's brand. She also created a user flow to purchase tickets to upcoming shows. Click here to see the full prototype on Figma.