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Constructivist Air Pods Max


April 2023

Project type

Graphic Design, AI Art

In 2019, I had the privilege of visiting a Russian Avant-Garde Gallery in Thessaloniki that featured original works by several artists that pioneered the Constructivist Art Movement in Russia and I wanted to experiment with this style I was able to see up close in person. Constructivism draws influences from futurism and cubism with graphic elements that include geometric shapes with flat colours.
I started my process by researching the history and impact of constructivism to understand its motives and goals. I then searched up examples of constructivist art as well as Russian ads from the 1920s to get a better feel for the aesthetic I am going for. I experimented with generating AI imagery. After a few iterations, I chose one I felt was best fitting for my chosen aesthetic and put it in Adobe Illustrator and built around it. Finally, I added geometric shapes to mimic headphones and a title in a blocky font similar to those used in Russian Constructivism and local ads of that time period.

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