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Love + Fear


June 2023

Project type

Graphic Design, Typography

This is a typography study in the form of a portrait of Marina using lyrics from her album Love + Fear. The album is based on the psychology theory by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in which she argues there are two primary emotions; love and fear. In this theory, all other emotions stem from those two and you cannot feel both at the same time. The album explores this theory with a strong emphasis on duality. The first half is written from a place of love and the second half is written from fear. I wanted to play with this duality through the use of black and white. Her skin is black text on a white background and all the lyrics are from the Love half of the album. Her hair is white text on a black background and the lyrics all come from Fear. The typeface was chosen as a nod to the one used on the album cover to spell ‘LOVE + FEAR’. This portrait captures the two opposing sides coming together to form harmony the way Marina did in her album.

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