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Trails - Gamified Online Learning


UI Designer, UX Designer


July 2023

Project type

Hackathon Challenge


Emily Carr University

In July 2023, I participated in a hackathon held at Emily Carr University. We had 8 hours to design a solution to enhance online learning with the implementation of AI. I brainstormed solutions tied to gamification as the gamers I know have the most fulfilling online connections. My team made up of three other members liked that thought process and we decided to build on it together for this hackathon challenge. Trails placed in the top finalists of this hackathon.

Trails is an application for teachers to upload their course outlines and have AI generate game maps for students to use as a study supplement to more actively apply concepts they learn and engage with classmates and course content. It also allows teachers to view real time data of their students' progress and make adjustments or help students individually as deemed necessary.

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